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"2 on 1", interesting recipes of the oldest famous toons woman in the world

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Birthday November 29, nothing special, a lot of people who share the same birthday, but her stuff Emma in Vercelli, Italy, is the only person alive in the world of these born in the 19th century-present was 117 years old.

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117 old lady stuff

In addition to Ms. Morano, Emma tools the other seniors in the world also have the tips useful for the life we live, while some have strange parts such as:

Kamato Hongo (1887-2003)-: prior Jav Video died in 116 years, popular tools with the secret to sleep for two days, then 2 days.

-Tools (1898-2015): Okawa Misao stuff eat more sushi and guaranteed eight hours of sleep per night.

-Susanne Mushatt Jones (1899-2016): the breakfast stuff with eggs and Bacon, no smoking, no drinking, and sleeping.

-Ethel Lang (1900-2015): tool life expectancy thanks to no smoking, rarely drink alcohol but enjoys dancing.

-Tool Alice Herz-Sommer (1903-2014): tools for maintaining positive lifestyle, spiritual optimism.

-Jessie Gallan Tools (1906-2015): freque…

Signed "sweating", "love" this celebrity sex videos hot record

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Optical return to the city with his wife reunited after ten day trip winded. Actually, 10 days is too long to where, but with the newly married couple newlywed couple 5 months as long Quang is not new! 

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Down the airport, smashing into the atmosphere Optics is a sweltering heat and the sun want to burn the skin. Suffering, he had on the mountains, stars can imagine the heat in the house it's horrible to this level. Listen Where is the record heatwave. He thought, than 40 degrees midday sun this one guy that was wrong lover dispatched Games 5km buy porridge like she trembled like a reed is also right.

Loan doubts: "Where does he cool huh?". "


but I was only there for only 1-2 hours, not where that worries discomfort. Bye, I do not understand his wife's nostalgia for you? ", Quang tries insisted that Taiwan also softened but agree.

Loan Wait message has resolved lunch, Quang gleefully call a taxi to pick up his …

If you think "boring" let's try celebrity sex tapes this simple method

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Many people think, to improve the quality and increase the method, any exciting love needs complex. However, some tips, if properly applied, can make the logic become perfect fun and excitement, if there is a better way. The difficulty is to find a love of excitement, some information please refer to the following. They may help you and effective partner: Create a new space for our love
Not only avoid boring, different friends and partners have more new experience. And the bedroom, you can transfer to a love bath Jav Movie or a backyard garden, to whatever you think is appropriate. If you can, please add some love music scented candles or layout to enhance your romantic and comfort.

Sharing feelings and satisfaction or whatever you want to love for us is the most effective way to help you quickly find a common language, in. Some women feel shy and reserved, when mentioned this problem makes us uncomfortable, and remember their love, when there is a unified point of view, are synchron…

The seven sisters are unexpected creampie very difficult to reason "climax"

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According to the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center, only 10% of women can orgasm easily. For 90% of the rest, and the mood can make little sister "to the top". Here are 8 reasons why you can't "up top". 

1. You have to sit all day at a desk

Sitting all day can make your pelvic muscle contraction leading to pelvic pain and makes you harder to reach than AV Uncensored Dr. marriage and sex therapy Kat Van Kirk said: "some people begin experiencing this problem few months sitting too much. While others take years to develop symptoms ".

"To prevent this problem, you should stand up after every half an hour to work. If you can exercise in a private space, you can exercise for hip bone by bending the back exercises, squats, muscle tension, "she adds. 

2. High heels

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According to Eden Fromberg, a doctor of obstetrics and gynaecology in New York City, go high heels can cause damage to the pelvic and pelvic bone as well as the lumbar muscles, repro…

Grapes, apples technology and russian porn help kill cancer cells of prostate

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According to a new study, grapes, and apples technology can help prevent and treat one of the most common cancers in the United States, prostate cancer.  Researchers have identified several accidental anal natural compounds have the ability to "starve" the tumor prostate cancer and narrowing them. 

The compounds in technology, red grapes, and apple skin seems to have the strongest effect, especially when combined together. 
Study co-author Stefano Tiziani, under the Ministry of Science and the Institute of Nutrition Dell Pediatric Research, University of Texas at Austin, and colleagues recently reported their findings in the journal Oncology Precision.

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After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the United States. According to the American Cancer Society, there will be 161,360 cases of prostate cancer are diagnosed in approximately 26,730 people this year and will die of this disease. 
Previous studies have identified a number of compounds…

These foods gangbang wife increase the risk of breast cancer

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Breast cancer is one of the serious disease for women. According to a study, every 3 women will have at least one person can suffer from this disease. Although the rate of breast cancer has dropped slightly in recent years but this rate is still maintained at a high level mainly due to the subjectivity of the people. 

Breast cancer is one of the serious disease for women. 

According to experts, there are many causes of breast cancer, in which the diet is known as the "culprit" involving 30-40% of cancers. Researchers estimate that we could prevent approximately 9% of the Abe Mikako cases of cancer by changing diet and lifestyle habits. 

Food increases the risk of breast cancer 


The studies have established an association between regular alcohol consumption and risk of breast cancer. Alcohol can increase estrogen levels and cause DNA damage cells. 

According to the study, women who drank alcohol 3 times per week may increase the risk of breast cancer by nearly 15%. 



Ibrahimovic crazy Jav Mom mother training, waiting for the meeting.

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As is well known, Ibrahimovic stick knee injury in January 4. However, this player is not easy to "compromise" with Pornstar the injury. 

Ibrahimovic has declared himself not "wasted" and want to remain in the war in Europe (of which the major goals of this player is reunited MU). 

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In recent years, Ibrahimovic showed his determination. Swedish players were able to walk in the pool, and close contact with the ball the most, he has shown himself would have done he lifted the ball movement. 

Not stop there, the striker 36 is buried in a gym with hopes can soon regain shape after the date of injury treatment. 


Mourinho did not hide its intention to submit MU Ibrahimovic back after recovering from injury. A few days ago, he has confirmed talks are welcome back striker Sweden. 

Speaking to reporters, he saw the Portuguese said: "We are negotiating with Ibrahimovic. Most likely he will stay us. Ibrahimovic is still not satis…