Microsoft releases accidental update charley chase of Windows 10 that can break mobile phones and PCs

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Warning: if you are part of the Windows Insider program to test new versions of Windows 10 before the official release, DO NOT install anything on Thursday, June 1. Microsoft said it has released an update by mistake that should not be distributed to the public Insider.

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The compilation distributed by mistake was the number 16212 for both the Windows 10 PC when the cell. The problem is that it was actually a branch for internal testing, full of bugs as serious too much for even distribution to the public Insider.

In smartphones, an error was recorded that simply forces the device to enter an eternal restart cycle, effectively making the device useless. PCs already in the case appears to be less serious and there are no reports of serious problems, yet the installation is not recommended as there are still very big risks.

Dona Sarkar, director of Microsoft responsible for Windows Insider program was to Twitter to confirm the grim situation. It guides users do not install any update that is not disclosed on the official blog. And if by chance you have already installed it should not, at least in the cell is possible to use Windows Device Recovery Tool to reset the device. The software download is at this link .

If, by chance, you have already started downloading the build 16212, but has not finished downloading, an alternative is to turn off Wi-Fi and data to stop downloading and consequently the installation, at least until Microsoft announce everything was normal.

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