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The best - selling model of Mercedes-Benz in the country has a new configuration. The manufacturer is launching today (June 1) the C 300 Sport, who happens to be the most sophisticated version of the line. Now available at dealerships of the brand, the new mid-size sedan brings as main news, the 2.0 turbo engine capable to deliver 245 hp and 37.7 Nm and the automatic transmission 9G-Tronic, nine gears (which happens to equip other versions of the C class in Brazil), as well as adult tubes aesthetic details. The new version comes with prices starting at $ 241,900.

According to the company, the 2.0 turbo engine is the third generation and combines efficiency and low pollutant emission levels, due to the direct injection and multiple ignition system, which is capable of producing up to four successive discharges of candles on a millisecond, providing better burning of the air-fuel mixture within the cylinders. Ie greater efficiency with fewer emissions.

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This engine, however, is not new in the Mercedes line in the country . The special series Anniversary Limited Edition, launched in late 2016 by and limited to 100 units, already had the same propellant, but combined with the exchange seven gears and the visual more "classic" brand, with the chrome front grille among other details.
Visually, the new C 300 Sport is distinguished from other versions by details in black at the bottom of the bumper and grill, in addition to the rear cover . The 18 inch wheels are new and complete the AMG Line package, which enhances the sporty styling of the three volumes. The inner part does not bring major changes in relation to others, to the big screen fixed multimedia system (8.4 inches) standing out.

The finish is neat, as in other models of the brand, and there are numerous assistance systems to the driver, such as the Cross Winds Wizard, which detects wind gusts and helps the driver to keep the car straight and fatigue detector driver, which alerts if the driver display signs of fatigue at the wheel.
The new version also brings Dynamic Select program, through which you can choose from four driving modes (Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport +), which modify the accelerator response and direction. The novelty is the ability to enhance the sportiness on board, through the reproduction of the audio system engine roar.
Autoesporte is at the launch event of the model. Keep following us to learn more about the model behavior soon.

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