"2 on 1", interesting recipes of the oldest famous toons woman in the world

Birthday November 29, nothing special, a lot of people who share the same birthday, but her stuff Emma in Vercelli, Italy, is the only person alive in the world of these born in the 19th century-present was 117 years old.

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In addition to Ms. Morano, Emma tools the other seniors in the world also have the tips useful for the life we live, while some have strange parts such as:

Kamato Hongo (1887-2003)-: prior Jav Video died in 116 years, popular tools with the secret to sleep for two days, then 2 days.

-Tools (1898-2015): Okawa Misao stuff eat more sushi and guaranteed eight hours of sleep per night.

-Susanne Mushatt Jones (1899-2016): the breakfast stuff with eggs and Bacon, no smoking, no drinking, and sleeping.

-Ethel Lang (1900-2015): tool life expectancy thanks to no smoking, rarely drink alcohol but enjoys dancing.

-Tool Alice Herz-Sommer (1903-2014): tools for maintaining positive lifestyle, spiritual optimism.

-Jessie Gallan Tools (1906-2015): frequently eat porridge, stay away from man and maintain wum preference is the know-how of the tools.

The instrument was constantly eating 3 eggs a day, which is important to have 2 eggs, steadily since getting this advice from a physician, at the age of 20, when news was 97 years passed. This advice comes from her being diagnosed with anemia. To date, the tool maintains the habit of getting up at 8 in the morning, drink milk and eat cake for breakfast; to noon, used to add a boiled egg.

One other secret for longevity of the instrument is regularly eating small amounts of meat, and only drink milk for packed late at night, and especially were determined to abandon the husband brute in 1938, not long after the death of his only son single throughout life, and living from the time to date. "At his age, she has a pretty good health, but that she now has become more difficult."


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