Ibrahimovic crazy Jav Mom mother training, waiting for the meeting.

As is well known, Ibrahimovic stick knee injury in January 4. However, this player is not easy to "compromise" with Pornstar the injury. 

Ibrahimovic has declared himself not "wasted" and want to remain in the war in Europe (of which the major goals of this player is reunited MU). 

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In recent years, Ibrahimovic showed his determination. Swedish players were able to walk in the pool, and close contact with the ball the most, he has shown himself would have done he lifted the ball movement. 

Not stop there, the striker 36 is buried in a gym with hopes can soon regain shape after the date of injury treatment. 


Mourinho did not hide its intention to submit MU Ibrahimovic back after recovering from injury. A few days ago, he has confirmed talks are welcome back striker Sweden. 

Speaking to reporters, he saw the Portuguese said: "We are negotiating with Ibrahimovic. Most likely he will stay us. Ibrahimovic is still not satisfied with the dedication last season. He wants to devote to the club more than that ".


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