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Optical return to the city with his wife reunited after ten day trip winded. Actually, 10 days is too long to where, but with the newly married couple newlywed couple 5 months as long Quang is not new! 

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Down the airport, smashing into the atmosphere Optics is a sweltering heat and the sun want to burn the skin. Suffering, he had on the mountains, stars can imagine the heat in the house it's horrible to this level. Listen Where is the record heatwave. He thought, than 40 degrees midday sun this one guy that was wrong lover dispatched Games 5km buy porridge like she trembled like a reed is also right.

Loan doubts: "Where does he cool huh?". "

but I was only there for only 1-2 hours, not where that worries discomfort. Bye, I do not understand his wife's nostalgia for you? ", Quang tries insisted that Taiwan also softened but agree.

Loan Wait message has resolved lunch, Quang gleefully call a taxi to pick up his wife, then both 2 pull over a nearby hostel. Up to where, Quang still have to wait a while until the air conditioning cooling produced both new room to embrace his wife to put forward nostalgia. Optical happily open flag in the abdomen, is the effect this lodge is wise, tomorrow go to invite new wife! 

But he seems like heaven very tantalizing Optics must. Newly 10 minutes, Quang was not officially "doing" anything, then a "pop" - a power failure! Loan upset her husband pushed out. Quang also, ourselves as lost soul from heaven because they are thrown into hell.

Optical hastily called reception, but only get answers worth spanking: "Loss of power! The children did not have generators, siblings sympathy". Optical slammed face did not say anything, the other Loan to collect belongings for the company: "About stop him, waiting for electricity is to never, but continue it ... I could not stand where strangled lost" . 

Optical running dive dive trying to salvage the situation. Have to come here and then return to the frustrations losing died. Glancing to the bathroom, Quang exclaimed: "I go to the bathroom wife, just rinse and cool ...". Optical atrophied left the sentence hanging, but Taiwan has understood. She glared at her husband: "Stop him, I slipped and sprained service last time he had forgotten already?". That time at home, he suggested Taiwan impulse to the bathroom, did not expect her how corn hole slipped, must go limping new week off.

From the beginning heating season, Quang talked with his wife mounted air conditioning. But Taiwan not long withstand the smell conditioning, also criticized conditioning dry skin dry hair, he had only Optics. Last night to hear his wife crying in the molten fat, not sleeping well, now he has been authenticated, right is only more not less! 

Sweaty reached home, Taiwan - his wife just ran to carry the luggage, but that households husband hugging him as he came home from work every day. Optical sigh, it is true that he also feared a hug in this weather spreads! 

To night, Quang drooping wife went to bed early. It is true that heat is the enemy of the story "in love", it makes the interest of the people to reduce the size to 8 parts, but suffering that he far from his wife a long, hot this rather hot again he tried to pass the . 

Optical gentlest hug as his wife approached, Taiwan embankment embankment fan at full capacity next turn, then tossed right hand find out her husband: "Hot die, do not touch me!". Optical not discouraged, at the back glided closer, this time too broad Loan irritated minister in her husband: "He wanted to kill me, huh? I know longer tolerate heat less active in children, want to make me crazy hot? ".

Know have tried useless, Quang had tried fasting but looked away. Block mode in bed not see his wife, he called the meeting to wind damage Taiwan stood in the balcony. "Hot is not sleeping well you sir, you once again play in the wind." Optical tui Nghiu to sleep before, daytime journey tired so he quickly fell asleep. So the first night home, the welcome his ideas will be excited, happy excited, finally ending in a gloomy like that. 

Next to the company, the more I think Quang as uncommitted heart. Thirst has not been cleared, the brother uneasy, restless. But wait out this heatwave to ever? Missed it lasted half a month, why? Also catch him fast plucking always huh?

Thought to shed a handful of neurons nervous, Quang came up with an initiative. He sent a message to his wife: "My wife, her dating this afternoon to go!". "What Dating Romance with this sun, Bro? I just want the office, not the way I poked out where rice to take place before you call "private pay Loan frustrating. Optical laugh: "I'm dating that cool but I. He would catch a taxi to pick you up, not for me to sit where motorcycles scapegoat, okay? ".

Power loss, the fan does not turn well, Air extinguished. Tight as a drum in the room, really sit here harsher than that stood between sunny! 

Desperate, Quang had to put Taiwan on. Listen comforted her: "Come on you sir, wait through this heat wave will compensate me that" the mood he was not better at all. Who says love has the power to overcome all of that, right? Kidding, simple sometimes it must yield to the weather should be!

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