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According to the Cleveland Clinic Medical Center, only 10% of women can orgasm easily. For 90% of the rest, and the mood can make little sister "to the top". Here are 8 reasons why you can't "up top". 

1. You have to sit all day at a desk

Sitting all day can make your pelvic muscle contraction leading to pelvic pain and makes you harder to reach than AV Uncensored Dr. marriage and sex therapy Kat Van Kirk said: "some people begin experiencing this problem few months sitting too much. While others take years to develop symptoms ".

"To prevent this problem, you should stand up after every half an hour to work. If you can exercise in a private space, you can exercise for hip bone by bending the back exercises, squats, muscle tension, "she adds. 

2. High heels

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According to Eden Fromberg, a doctor of obstetrics and gynaecology in New York City, go high heels can cause damage to the pelvic and pelvic bone as well as the lumbar muscles, reproductive organs and related bodies. 

"When your lumbar muscles strained due to the heels, the body will not be direct conduction stimulation helps you reach orgasm", Dr. Fromberg explained. 

3. You are drinking too much alcohol and not drinking enough water

"You need a lot of water body to orgasm", Dr. Fromberg explained. The reason is because of the excitement that will make the enlarged tissue and collagen, elastin and relaxin creation. To the tissues to expand and operate effectively, it must be lubricated and that is why you should drink plenty of fluids. Please remove the cocktail, because alcohol because the two substances fact dry your body.

4. You are taking

"Usually, the hypertensive, pills and antidepressants is the culprit you can't up top," Dr. van Kirk said. The side effects of these drugs is to increase the amount of prolactin-a protein reduces sexual desire in women after childbirth. Add to that, "smoking may decrease the ability to self lubricate and make it uncomfortable," Dr. Van Kirk said.

5. Due to the local body each

"This is not your fault, it's his fault". Because each woman's body is different, so what they would like to receive is different, doctors Van Kirk said. If he's not doing the right thing, let's just let him. Sometimes a sound or a touch can also make the difference.

6. your oxytocin Levels too low

"The euphoria" or the "love hormone" is often associated with orgasm. If your body does not secrete enough oxytocin, you will hardly reach orgasm, so that you will be more difficult to reach orgasm. Oxytocin levels in low level because you're worried or angry. Thankfully, spend more time with you, look into his eyes, holding hands and kissing will make your body increase oxytocin. 

7. You forget to pee before "Committee"

If you have the habit of going to the U.S., you might not be pleased with his grace of charity. "Some women often forget the minor before do it," Dr. Van Kirk said. Sexual stimulation and while you want to go to the bathroom will create discomfort. You will be very hard to reach orgasm if your bladder is full.

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